Coastal Gymnastics Academy College Bound


I have some current teammates trying to get their names out there for colleges and universities.

They’re some of the greatest girls you could ever meet, so I’m just gonna link you to their youtube channels.

Natalie Phanco, Class of 2017, website

Hannah Vandenkolk, Class of 2018, website

Zoe Zingerman, Class of 2018

Leah Salvagio, Class of 2018


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I went to open gym tonight. This is what happened.

Gymnasts make terrible videographers.

Also, a girl on the NCAA team told me I was good. I can’t stop smiling. :)



You girls are the most amazing team I could ever ask for!
I’m never going to forget our dance moves, singing on top of the vault table, and Saturday morning theme days. Our relay races, giant baseball, and boy names. Doing strength until we can’t see, running in the rain, and trips to target.
Everyday that I’ve spent with you guys has been a blessing.
Most of all I’m going to miss your smiling faces that always pick me up when I’m down and make me smile in turn, they’re contagious!
You girls always manage to make my day no matter what else is going on. You make me laugh so hard I fall over and make me want to dance until my feet fall off.
I don’t know what I’m going to do not being able to see you girls everyday. Its going to take some getting used to. You’ve been my rocks for 2 years now, most of you even longer (closer to 5 years) and after all this time you girls are my sisters, my family. The whole gym is.
We’ve started building something incredible here at CGA (literally I might add), and I know you girls will continue to make it even better.
I could ask for no better group of girls to call my family.
Always remember to keep on smiling; always remember there is never a reason not to dance; and always remember to keep the awesomeness going.
Decide on the things you want most in life and do them. Don’t let anybody or anything stand in your way (unless there’s a wall or you broke your leg, then take a break for a minute). It doesn’t matter what other people think.
Eventually you get to a point in your like where you don’t care what others think and you become the real you. That’s what you girls have helped me do.
Also, fear is inevitable, accept it. Instead, acknowledge your fears and then move passed them.
If you have a dream all that matters is how bad you want it.
You girls are extraordinary and my daily reasons to smile.
I’m always going to be there for you guys, no matter what. School, gym, whatever, I’m here for you. I’m only a phone call away.
You’re my CGA family now and for forever. All I’m doing is extending our family a bit and representing CGA in LA.
I LOVE YOU GIRLS SOOOOO MUCH!!! (at Coastal Gymnastics Academy)


Happy National Gymnastics Day from almost 7 year old me! I don’t know where I’d be without this sport. ♥


My blinds are getting better. I’m tried a new technique tonight and I think it’s going to help a lot. I still have a long way to go, but nothing I’m not willing to work for!

Also, my rope climb is a bit better, still not all the way up though.

And at last the press handstand. Yeah, I still suck and I don’t know what to do. I’m too weak to do the strength that might help me so I’m at loss.

Oh, and I want my left ankle to fall off.

Yep, that’s it.

Toodles, have a nice night friends!


My coach decided to make fun of me today.

We’d just turned the lights on in the gym (we have skylights and 3 big truck doors that were open so in all honesty there was plenty of light before, but ehh) and he said that we all just got a whole lot more funny looking.

So I said “thank you”, as you do, and then he made fun of me by saying its going to be like at college parties. Dancing and what-not in the dark and then all-of-a-sudden the lights will get turned on and I’ll be like “Ughh all you people just got a whole lot uglier”.

I replied, “Do you even know me? I’m not about ‘that life’.”

I’ve never even been invited to a party before, unless one at which we played Apples-to-Apples with my biology teacher and her 5-year-old son counts.

Then he made fun of me again by saying “Cam, you have to know what “that life” is in order to not be about it”.

I laughed a bit at that, and then he asked if I liked dancing, and of course I replied yes, I LOVE dancing.

So he said dancing at parties with a whole lot of other people that can’t dance is a lot more fun than dancing alone in your dorm room.

While I agree with his statement on some levels, dancing alone to the music you like is also pretty great.

So yeah, that’s my story. It’s not the greatest, you had to have been there. Actually, you just have to be me to get it. I laugh at everything and actually enjoy being made fun of by my friends (yes I count my coaches as friends). I’m not afraid to laugh at my self.

Later during practice I had a comment to something he said to a teammate that wasn’t really necessary so he called me out and said, “Sorry I made Cam tell a story guys”. I used to be known for lengthy, useless stories (I eventually stopped with them, I don’t really know why, probably around the same time I stopped talking about school much at gym because I decided it didn’t matter, all that matters at the gym is gym), so even though I’ve stopped telling them very often if I ever add a useless comment he calls me on it. It’s kinda like a game haha!

So yeah, there’s my stories from practice friends have a nice evening!


I did my double lay for the first time since June tonight!

I’ve been having issues with flyaways from any speed. To explain, if I pike down and lose all my speed I’m good, but as soon as I want to go from a handstand or giant my body gets funky and scared won’t let go. This has been getting progressively worse since May with worse and better days.

I’ve been making a lot of headway stopping this weirdness in the past week, and today I finally got myself to let go from a speed giant. The tap is still a bit funky into the dismount, but my tap into double lays was already not quite normal (I do the late tap —> “peel” technique if you’re familiar with double back dismount techniques), so this is definitely something I can work with and is exciting.

So yeah, I’m in good spirits.

Have a great evening!


I learned a new bars combination today! Toe handstand to dismount (double back)!

New friends came in the mail today!