I did my double lay for the first time since June tonight!

I’ve been having issues with flyaways from any speed. To explain, if I pike down and lose all my speed I’m good, but as soon as I want to go from a handstand or giant my body gets funky and scared won’t let go. This has been getting progressively worse since May with worse and better days.

I’ve been making a lot of headway stopping this weirdness in the past week, and today I finally got myself to let go from a speed giant. The tap is still a bit funky into the dismount, but my tap into double lays was already not quite normal (I do the late tap —> “peel” technique if you’re familiar with double back dismount techniques), so this is definitely something I can work with and is exciting.

So yeah, I’m in good spirits.

Have a great evening!


I learned a new bars combination today! Toe handstand to dismount (double back)!

New friends came in the mail today!


Coastal at The Wall! ☆
“We nailed that one.” (at The Wall Climbing Gym)

Here’s my gymnastics coach facing a double back.

I thought you’d enjoy that.

Coastal Gymnastics Academy College Bound

I have some current teammates trying to get their names out there for colleges and universities.

They’re some of the greatest girls you could ever meet, so I’m just gonna link you to their youtube channels.

Lyndsie Salvagio, Class of 2016

Natalie Phanco, Class of 2017, website

Hannah Vandenkolk, Class of 2018, website

Zoe Zingerman, Class of 2018

Leah Salvagio, Class of 2018

Tonight my teammate decided that me and our newest team coach (a youngish dude) look similar, like we could be related.

After she told me this I looked at her kinda funky. That was a totally random statement.

She then proceeded to decide it was because we have the same color hair.

I replied that I guess that makes sense and thought that’d be the end of it.

But, then she decided that we’d make a good couple.

Now this was getting slightly strange, so I raised one eyebrow as I looked at her.

I asked her why, suggesting it was because we’d have a “look” together, that whole Aryan thing (though I didn’t say that part obviously).

She agreed. She also then said that’s the only way she comes up with relationships/couples in her head, by if they’ll look good together.

I told her I was cool with that, it doesn’t matter too much to me. Except it’d be weird dating my gymnastics coach.

Not to say that he’s not good-looking and my hormone-addled brain (f—- you brain) doesn’t sometimes think up random stuff like that. But I know my brain’s just messing with me. It’s done weirder shizz in my dreams.

So yeah, there you have it. My slightly strange story from practice tonight. Enjoy.


I climbed the rope without legs twice as high as I thought I could today. I’m pretty excited. All 12 feet is my goal by September.

And a forward roll press to stand on a panel mat. I want a straddle press to handstand from a sit, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen.

Keep in mind I hate rope climbs with a burning passion. They are pretty much my least favorite strength ever. Them and chin-ups (fingers towards body), any strength involving holding a position on bars, and upright mountain climbers.

Oh well, I want this. I’ma do it.


Home Workout

I just did this workout in my room and thought I’d share it with ya.

5 min plank
  > 1 min elbows
  > 1 min side
  > 1 min side
  > 1 min shoulder push-ups
  > 1 min shoulder rocks for/back

5 min wall sit
  > 2 min arms (10 open/close, 10 up/down, repeat)
  > 1 min single leg lift
  > 1 min single leg lift
  > 30 sec calf raise
  > 30 sec hold

3 min hollow lifts
  > 1 min lower
  > 1 min upper
  > 1 min together

3 min single leg butt lifts (repeat other side)
  > 1 min back lifts
  > 1 min squeeze ins
  > 1 min side forward lifts

push-up sets (repeat 3 times)
  > 5 elbows in
  > 10 wide elbows out
  > 5 elbows in

calf raises off raised surface
  > 25 normal
  > 25 first position
  > 25 pigeon toed

4 min arm lifts
  > 1 min forward
  > 1 min backward
  > 1 min up
  > 1 min down

3 min back/butt lift on raised surface
  > 2 min hold
  > 1 min lifts

3 min back/side lifts
  > 1 min lower
  > 1 min upper
  > 30 sec side
  > 30 sec side

I got a job!

I’m a coach kids ages 5-7 and 3-5 on Wednesday and Saturday. So now I’m at my gym everyday except for Sunday and my Saturday practice has been cut from 4 hours to 1.5. But ehh, I make kids happy, I earn money, I get job experience, and now I have a job history so yay!

Just thought I’d update ya. :)